We are beyond excited to finally reveal a project two years in the making – introducing The Rocketeer Watch! This premium, officially licensed, limited edition watch will be available later this year. More details below.

We wanted to design something extra special for The Rocketeer’s 40th Anniversary, and set out to create the definitive Rocketeer watch. We took all our cues from Dave Stevens' iconic (and perfect) character design – from subtle nods to explicit references:

• The helmet forms the central design element with the face and bezel, including the grill, eyes, rivets, and even air intakes!

• The ever-important control gauntlets are represented by the crown, including the red ignition button.

• The genuine leather band becomes Cliff’s jacket, complete with brass buttons!

• The caseback is laser-etched with Dave’s original art and logo.

This watch was lovingly designed in-house at Okkto to honor the legacy and high flying adventures of Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer! We simply cannot wait to share it with the community and fans. The watch will be available at a later date – to be announced soon!

Helmet Watch Face

Includes eyes, grill, and air intakes.

Etched Caseback

Dave's original art etched on the caseback.

Genuine Leather Band

Leather band includes brass buttons.

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