Gobo Enamel Pin

Gobo Enamel Pin

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Gobo is the natural leader of the Fraggle Five. He is an explorer, spending his days charting the unexplored (and explored-but-forgotten) regions of Fraggle Rock. Gobo is following, often quite literally, in the footsteps of his Uncle Traveling Matt Fraggle, the greatest living Fraggle explorer. Gobo is actually extremely brave, being the only Fraggle (besides Matt) who has ever had the nerve to enter Doc’s workshop and risk the jaws of Sprocket. He is highly respected by other Fraggles, although they occasionally find him a little pompous. He is also somewhat egocentric, which can make it hard for him to admit mistakes. As a leader, Gobo often provides his friends with direction, although, since he’s a Fraggle, it’s sometimes a fairly silly one.

Officially licensed by The Jim Henson Company

  • Approx. 1.25"
  • Black Nickel
  • Hard Enamel Two
  • Black Rubber Pin Clutches

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