Take to the skies with The Rocketeer!

Take to the skies with The Rocketeer!

Okkto is thrilled to announce the first official release in The Rocketeer collection! On Monday, November 29, 2021, we released an officially licensed limited edition poster beautifully illustrated by artist Vance Kelly. This screen-print poster captures the high-flying adventures of Cliff Secord from Dave Stevens' The Rocketeer comic book. With this initial release, we honor the work of a talented soul lost too soon and and pay tribute to one of the greatest comic book characters ever put to paper!

Regular Edition poster

The poster measures 24" x 36" and comes in three editions. The regular edition is offered at a run size of 240, while the "retro" variant and the "sepia" variant are offered at run sizes of 140 and 40, respectively. Each edition features beautiful metallic gold ink in honor of The Rocketeer's famous helmet, while the "sepia" variant features the addition of bronze and copper ink layers. All three poster editions come with a certificate of authenticity and are officially licensed by The Rocketeer Trust.

"Retro" Variant poster

Throughout the 40th anniversary of Dave Stevens' work, Okkto plans to release a number of officially licensed items, adding to The Rocketeer collectibles scene and hopefully delighting fans around the world. Be sure to sign up for the Okkto email list to stay up to date with the latest releases and get first dibs on new collectibles.

"Sepia" Variant poster