Mando Collectible Coin - For Sale

Mando Collectible Coin - For Sale

This is the way.

Courtesy of our friends at Pop Vultures, we have a new collectible coin up for sale inspired by the Star Wars: The Mandalorian series.

This collectible "Mando Coin" features a twist on the previous Pop Vultures design: a limited edition shiny helmet fit for all the Beskar collectors out there and ready to protect you out in the galaxy. The 1.75" x 1.5" collectible coin is made of silver nickel metal, utilizes black hard enamel sections on the front, and a sweet 3D design on both sides. The back of the coin features the Mudhorn signet and a special message in Mandalorian. Fear not though, for if you aren't fluent in Mandalorian, the coin comes with a decoder card included in its plastic pouch. The coin is now available for $25 plus shipping and applicable taxes.

The Mando Coin - Shiny Edition builds on the original coin design offered by Pop Vultures previously by updating the look of the helmet, inspired by the second season of the groundbreaking show. We love this new addition to our coin collection and hope you do as well!

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