Introducing the Club Obi Wan Collectible Coin

Introducing the Club Obi Wan Collectible Coin

It's always exciting news when a new product comes to life, but this particular coin we have been working on for a while now and we couldn't be more excited.

Inspired by Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom, the 1.75" Club Obi Wan collectible coin has exceeded our expectations. In designing this coin, we took a few risks and made a number of revisions, but ultimately ended up with something fit for any Indiana Jones collection. In helping to make this coin feel special in the eyes of fans, we even include a miniature Club Obi Wan menu with every purchase of the limited edition coin. We love this coin and we think that even Short Round would be impressed with it.

On the front of the coin, you'll find the club logo complete with glitter embellishments throughout the hard enamel elements. On the back, we recreated the club's well-known gong in 3D (minus any bullet holes, mind you). Included with every order is a miniature replica of the club's menu in honor of the infamous club. Pick up your limited edition collectible coin today and it just might bring you fortune and glory!


Anything goes!

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